Rustic Wolf Tooth Pendant on a Chain

In this particular article, we’ll reveal to you steps to make a unique wolf tooth necklace. This diamond necklace is made with actual wolf the teeth, and it’s a wonderful way to show your passion for wolves. We’ll also present you with some easy methods to care for your pendant.

Initial, you’ll should accumulate every one of the items needed for the task. You will need a duration of power cord or chain (for the way extended you need your necklace to become), some pliers, and genuine wolf the teeth. In the event you don’t have any real wolf the teeth lying around, they is often found online or at area of expertise stores.

Up coming, you need to measure the wanted span for the necklace. Cut your power cord or sequence towards the preferred size with a set of distinct scissors. When reduce, tie 1 end securely inside a knot and line it from the hole at the bottom of each wolf tooth. Be sure to protected each and every wolf tooth tightly thus it doesn’t move around around the diamond necklace.

Once the pendant is assembled, it’s time to give it a private feel. You can painting, shade, or enhance your wolf tooth necklace with assorted hues and designs. As an example, you could add some silver beads or faux gemstones in between each teeth for added twinkle. There are lots of lessons on the web that will help you make the ideal design and style.

You’ll want to make certain that you retailer your wolf tooth necklace properly when you’re not working with it. This means saving it in a awesome, dry position clear of sunshine and humidity. When possible, put the pendant into an airtight travelling bag or container for added protection. It’s equally important to protect yourself from receiving the diamond necklace drenched, as it may damage the design and injury the the teeth.

What You’ll Require:

-1/2 lb of clay-based (we used white-colored clay-based, but you can utilize any coloration you like)

-A moving pin

-A sharp knife

-A paintbrush

-Acrylic fresh paint from the shades that you pick (we used white and black)

-A duration of twine or string


-Extremely fasten

-A real wolf teeth (you can find these available for sale on the internet).