Figur: My Personal Weight Loss Journey


I never imagined I would say this, but here moves: I misplaced ten pounds in the 30 days, and Figur was a big part of the. I wasn’t necessarily hunting to shed weight once i started making use of Figur, nevertheless the app helped me make much healthier options that finished up creating weight-loss. If you’re wanting to get healthful and lose weight, I strongly recommend providing figur reviews a try. Here is how it helped me to get rid of 10 pounds in a calendar month.

1. Path your exercise degree.

I found myself in no way exercising regularly before I began using Figur. Actually, the only thing remotely near physical exercise which i was undertaking was wandering my puppy round the prevent once a day. After I started keeping track of my process level on Figur, however, I discovered that I needed to step up my game if I wanted to see final results.

2. Establish targets and challenges for yourself.

Physique offers both weekly and month-to-month difficulties which can be certain in your health targets. These obstacles really helped me to keep on track and inspired because I had anything to be effective towards weekly or month. By way of example, among the month-to-month problems was to stroll 10,000 methods per day—a aim that sounded overwhelming in the beginning but ended up getting achievable with a bit of energy (plus some more hikes with my puppy).

3. Keep yourself answerable.

The thing about Figur is that it doesn’t allow you to off of the catch easily—if you overlook every day or don’t fulfill your objectives, it turns up as red about the app. This may not look like a huge offer, but it actually ended up being being really great for me as it kept me accountable and made me more likely to stick with my prepare.


All in all, I’m really satisfied with the final results I purchased by using Figur—losing 10 pounds inside a month was definitely unanticipated but quite definitely loved! If you’re thinking about downloading the mobile app, I believe that choose it—you could be astonished at exactly how much it can help you attain your state of health desired goals.