Wade Kricken – Lawyers that Specialize in Real Estate

A real estate attorney is a lawyer who focuses on commercial or residential real estate law, especially for developers and investors or lenders. Real estate attorneys like Wade kricken advise clients on buying, selling, leasing, financing, foreclosures, taxes and other issues that arise from owning property. If you are looking for real estate law and litigation, they can help. They represent property owners, developers, investors/borrowers and lenders in commercial and residential real estate matters. Their areas of specialization include: real estate contracts and acquisitions, landlord/tenant disputes, lending transactions and disputes, title issues, construction lien claims, special use permits and variances, zoning matters.

Real estate law and litigation is grounded in the economic reality of creating, sharing, and protecting assets. Real estate lawyers help their clients gain greater control over these assets, including their own homes. For example, a lawyer can represent buyers or sellers of a home, manage property and protect your interests from damage during a long-term lease or even handle issues regarding boundary disputes with neighbors.

Making Decisions with the Aid of Lawyers

Legal issues can arise in every part of a business. You need to know what you’re getting into before committing to any deal and this course provides you with the information. You will learn about real estate law, property rights and responsibilities, commercial leases and contracts, environmental concerns and regulations (or lack thereof), disputes between tenants and landlords – whether commercial or residential – zoning laws and planning regulations; how these affect residential, commercial rentals, land sales and purchases.

Real estate is subject to many different laws and regulations, from zoning restrictions to building codes, environmental regulations, real estate contracts, property deeds and more. It is an area of the law that addresses legal disputes that arise when real property ownership rights are challenged or questioned. These legal challenges can arise in a number of contexts, including disputes over sales contracts, Wade kricken foreclosure proceedings, title disputes, and probate matters related to real estate.