The Importance Of Personalized Care In Integrative Medicine – Dr Lane Sebring

Traditional Dr Lane Sebring treat symptoms and administer medicines. Integrative medicine considers the possible causes of your health problems. Integrative medicine uses nutrition and lifestyle modifications to boost your body’s natural healing abilities, unlike Western medicine, which treats disease with drugs or surgery.
It’s Not Just A Matter Of Better Treatment
Integrative medicine is not just a better way of treating disease. It’s a different way of thinking about health, which encompasses both the physical body and the mind and spirit.
Integrative medicine focuses on treating the whole person–not just their symptoms or conditions–using natural therapies such as herbs, supplements, yoga and meditation alongside conventional treatments like surgery or chemotherapy if necessary.
Dr Lane Sebring is a doctor of integrative medicine and founder of the The Sebring Clinic. He has been practicing for over 23 years, helping people with their health problems using natural methods such as nutrition, herbs and supplements.
It’s Personal
Personalized care is about you. It’s not just about what symptoms you have, it’s about the whole person. Your body, your values and beliefs, your medical history–the relationship between you and your doctor–that’s all part of personalized medicine. And when we talk about “personalized medicine,” we’re talking not just about what treatment will work best for you but also how much time we spend listening to what matters most to each patient as an individual human being with their own life experiences that may affect how they respond to treatment (or even whether they want treatment at all).
It Can Be A Life-Changing Experience
Integrative medicine is not just about the physical ailments and symptoms that you present with. It is also about the whole person, including their emotional and mental well-being. This type of care can be a life-changing experience because it helps you feel better in all areas of your life: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Integrative medicine is a very personal experience, which means that it can be life-changing for the patient and their family. The benefits of this type of treatment go beyond just physical ailments, but they can be just as powerful than traditional medicine.