Dr. Jon Kiev: What Career Can You Have In Aviation?

For many people, the aviation industry represents the ultimate opportunity to travel the world while doing something they love. If you are interested in pursuing a career in aviation, medical professional and aviation enthusiast Dr. Jon Kiev will reveal some of the more common jobs available within this field.

Airline Pilot

As an airline pilot, you will work in the flight deck of an aircraft with other pilots and flight attendants, and be responsible for ensuring that your passengers are safe during their trip. You’ll need to be able to fly different types of aircraft and navigate them through different weather conditions. You must also know how to handle emergencies that may occur during a flight, such as fires or mechanical failures on board the plane.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are the crew members who work on aircraft to ensure the safety of passengers. They also provide information and assistance to passengers, such as helping them with their seats, serving meals and beverages, answering questions about flight schedules or destinations, etc.

Flight attendants need to be able to communicate in different languages. For example, an English-speaking passenger might ask a French-speaking flight attendant for help finding something in his seat pocket. Lastly, they must monitor the cabin for any problems while also ensuring that everyone is following safety procedures, which requires excellent multitasking abilities Dr. Jon Kiev .

Aviation Safety Inspector

Aviation safety inspectors are responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. They must ensure that aircraft are airworthy and safe to fly, as well as conduct tests on aircraft equipment. They work in a variety of settings, including airports and aircraft manufacturers.

Air Traffic Controller

Lastly, as an air traffic controller, you will be responsible for directing aircraft in the air and on the ground. Your job involves monitoring the flow of traffic and ensuring that flights stay safe. Air Traffic Controllers work at airports or centers that monitor thousands of flights every day around the world–from small private planes to large commercial airlines carrying hundreds of passengers.