Dr Erik Goluboff Is One Of The Trusted In The Field Of Urology

Urology is a crucial area of study in today’s medical system. Urologists are medical specialists who are educated to care for the kidneys, bladder, and other parts of the urinary system in both sexes. Cancer, kidney stones, and infections are just a few of the many ailments they address. Dr Erik Goluboff of New York City is a top-notch urologist who focuses on treating kidney conditions and performing transplants.

Urology Is a vital Medical Specialty Nowadays

Dr Erik Goluboff is well regarded as a specialist in urology, the medical discipline concerned with problems affecting the urinary tract and male and female reproductive systems. Urology, a subspecialty of internal medicine, is a primary focus of contemporary healthcare. Urologists are medical specialists who treat conditions related to the male and female urinary systems, such as cancer, stones, and infections.

Top NYC Urologist Erik Goluboff Treats Renal Diseases And Transplants

Dr Erik Goluboff of New York City is a top-notch urologist who focuses on kidney problems and transplants. For more than three decades, Dr. Goluboff has been one of the most respected urologists in his community. He earned his medical degree with honors from Cornell University and resided at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City (NYC). Dr. Goluboff was an assistant professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center after his urology residency.

They Treat Cancer, Renal Stones, And Staph

Cancer, kidney stones, and staph infections are just some of the ailments they address. They operate to remove kidney and bladder tumors. The bile ducts transport bile from the liver to the small intestine and are also cleared of gallstones during this procedure. Urologists treat urinary system conditions, including the kidneys and urethra.


When it comes to kidney disease and transplants, New York City’s own Dr. Goluboff is among the best in the world. Urologists are doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the urinary tract, including cancer, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections in both sexes. New York City’s Dr. Goluboff is a world-class urologist who specializes in kidney disease and transplantation.