Dayne Yeager reduces point-to-point route travel time and optimizes distance

For Dayne Yeager, improving his transport company’s business processes is key to improving productivity and profitability and offering a better service to end customers. Technology, such as telemetry, the Internet of Things, and its various applications, are key to achieving this.
The response capacity of road transport is beyond any doubt. When it is agile, flexible, and immediate, it allows the rapid shipment of any type of merchandise. And also does door-to-door. Road transport is not such if it is not reliable. Logistics supply chains demand compliance with schedule requirements in an indisputable way.
According to Dayne Yeager, smart fleet management solutions are the best tool a manager can have. Day by day, there is a lot of data to collect and manage; long gone are the days of keeping records by hand or using spreadsheets.

A very effective adviser

Dayne Yeager provides tips that you can use to implement in your fleet and improve its efficiency. He offers helpful resources on how to improve your business results. You can contact him to learn more about his solutions or request a demo.
Good road transport is defined by speed, immediacy, safety, and sustainability, without neglecting efficiency and confidentiality. All are designed so that the transport phase blends into the supply chain and is not an external service but an active part of the process.

An excellent route planner

If you need to carry out land transport operations, you can contact Dayne Yeager. Do not forget that he is a specialist and daily plans routes uniting large and small distances to satisfy the needs of his clients.
The transport route must work in such a way that the company can minimize the transport costs and the use of the fleet as much as possible. In addition, it should allow for reducing the travel time of the point-to-point route and optimally the distance.