Are You Presently Using the Wrong Trolling Motor Battery?

A trolling motor system is actually a personal-incorporated system which contains an electric motor unit, propeller, and deals with, and is particularly attached about the stern or bow of any modest vessel. Trolling Motor Battery are popular to increase the important thing propulsion program within the fishing boat and are best for angling or slow cruising.

For those who have a trolling engine model, it’s significant to choose on the appropriate power supply to potential it. On this page, we’ll present you with some easy methods to just do that. Keep reading for more information!

Varieties of Trolling Electric motor unit Electric powered batteries

Two of the most well-liked forms of electric powered electric batteries used to potential trolling engines are guide-level of acidity electric batteries and lithium-ion electric battery packs. When compared to lithium-ion electric battery packs, immediate-acidity electrical battery packs are cheaper, nonetheless they are bulkier and still have a reduced life-time. Although lithium-ion battery packs are more expensive initially, they may be less heavy and last longer.

Primary acid battery power provides also demand considerably more routine maintenance than lithium-ion electronic power packs. As an illustration, direct level of acidity strength packages must be filled with distilled drinking water every several months, unlike lithium-ion battery pack features usually do not need any routine maintenance.

Deciding on the best Power supply for your Sport fishing motorboat

Since you now know slightly regarding the different kinds of trolling motor unit strength features, let’s discuss regarding how to pick the right one for the motorboat. Preliminary, take into account the body weight and dimensions of your very own vessel. If you have a compact fishing boat, you may pull off utilizing a steer-acid option battery power. Even so, once you have a larger angling boat, you’ll probably need a lithium-ion battery pack to provide enough potential.

Yet another thing to consider is how typically you’ll be employing your trolling motor. Once you just use it every once in awhile, you might be able to make use a steer-level of acidity battery load. Even so, by using your trolling engine unit regularly or even for too long stretches, you’ll need a lithium-ion battery power to find the most use from it before it needs to be recharged.


To sum up, when choosing a Trolling Motor Battery you need to think about the size and weight of the vessel, the frequency which you’ll be employing your trolling motor, and what quantity of cash you’re ready to spend. When you have a compact vessel and only utilize your trolling motor device occasionally, a immediate-acidity battery power must be sufficient. However, if you have a better boat or use your trolling electric motor model routinely, you’ll must have a lithium-ion battery pack pack to get the most use from it.